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Well . . . there isn't a "staff". I founded the club in the fall of 2009 after a year of soliciting parent volunteers and community business people. Volunteers, mostly parents of runners, are a tremendous support and critical to the success of the club. Without their help training up to 50 kids would be very challenging. 


Beginning the Summer of 2016 a summer running camp will be held. It is geard toward the emerging or current student athlete that plans to participate in cross country.  Camps and Clinics  

Periodically coaches are added for the various clinics. Their biographies will appear below. 


Thank you to all the parents, coaches, volunteers and sponsors. You truly make the existence of the club possible. 


Enjoy your run! 

                                             Coach Paul



Paul Ioanidis (Coach Paul)

I am an advocate of learning and that includes sports. Although a life long runner, high school was the last time I was coached. Having a title "coach" I felt it was important to open myself up to being coached. By doing so I firmly believe I can learn and convey that knowledge to the kids I have the opportunity to coach. In the summer of 2010 I joined Harey Tortuga. The coaching I received from Rich and Tony is invaluable. They helped me improve form, increase running knowledge and provided guidence to become a mentally stronger runner. This all resulted in significant improvement in my marathon (25 min PR), half marathon (15 min PR) and 5K times (sub 19:00, 6:08 pace). Good running form is a key component and that is stressed in my training. With the pratical experience I also felt it was important to put a credential behind the word "coach". In the summer of 2011 I completed the course work and testing neceessary to receive a USA Track and Field Level 1 Coaching Certificate. The Level 1 course is an overview of all disciplines, energy systems, biology and mechanics. I'm looking forward to continuing my education with the Level 2 course where I will learn distance running theory in more detail. ​​​​​​​​​ 

916-275-1524   /   paul@carmichaelrunningclub.com   /  2443 Fair Oaks Blvd. #525, Sacramento CA 95825

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