Your joking! Kids run naturally. Yes, children run out on the playground, soccer field, basketball court, park and backyard.  This is “run as fast as you can” and start/stop running. That running is very important but it doesn’t build the endurance necessary to run much farther than ½ mile at a steady, continuous pace.  In a race atmosphere a child has the tendency to run as fast as they can only to find that they lack the endurance to complete the distance without stopping or surging. Surging is the repitition of running hard followed by slowing or stopping. In a fun and friendly atmosphere participants will train to complete a 5K race at their own pace without the “urge to surge”.  Some children are experienced runners. Yours will be too after 7-weeks of training and their first race. Understand, experience does not mean fast. Effort is not measured by finishing time. The pace in the group varies from under 6 minutes to 12 minutes per mile and that is for "experienced" runners. The goals are fitness, self-improvement and learning to run with proper form. 


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